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10 Healthy Meal Prep Tips to Help You Eat Clean All Week

   22.11.2018  1 Comments

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Clean eating meal prep recipes

Start off by making a list of all of your favorite healthy dishes — Pinterest is my favorite place to start OR you can find my favorite clean eating recipes here on my blog — then plan your dinners first. Opt for whole grain pasta when you can, and keep your sauce or dressing separate so things don't get soggy. I now know how many calories, how many grams of fat, how much protein, etc. Your problem meal should be the one you always prep, according to Tammy Kresge of Organize Yourself Skinny. I mean hey, at least we tried something new! With my hubby working in the city and myself working right next to a Chipotle how convenient right? Clean eating meal prep recipes

Clean eating meal prep recipes

Clean eating meal prep recipes

Clean eating meal prep recipes

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