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Relationship sabotage is a rarely studied phenomenon, but now researchers look for answers

   03.06.2018  5 Comments

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Is This Your Story? Driving Them Away: How Fear of Abandonment Sabotages Relationships.

Video about self sabotaging behavior in relationships:

Self sabotaging behavior in relationships

Love challenges our defenses. They rob us of our lived, awkward, beautiful connection to each other. It takes far more energy to stay angry and hold a grudge than it does to let it go. He says he loves me, but is he not seeing me clearly? You don't have to be a braggart but don't put yourself down all the time. Self sabotaging behavior in relationships

Self sabotaging behavior in relationships

Self sabotaging behavior in relationships

Self sabotaging behavior in relationships

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5 thoughts on “Relationship sabotage a 'rarely studied phenomenon'

  1. Make sure your intentions behind your words and actions are clear. When you bathe in fresh flowing streams, some small part of your heart, not just your brain, misses all of that thirsty trudging through the sand you once did, back in your youth. You avoid pain This is when you allow yourself to get to a certain point in a relationship before pulling back.

  2. If you're looking for an excuse for conflict, you'll find it. We were both very lucky that we happened to meet at a time when we were both capable of surrendering.

  3. Your endless trudge through the desert is over. If we want to give ourselves the best chance of finding and maintaining a rich and rewarding relationship, we have to look inside ourselves. It's like a self-fulfilling cycle," Ms Peel said.

  4. Signs of relationship sabotage: It makes us value them more, ourselves more and our lives more. Some adaptations we made to survive painful events may be healthy, but most are no longer adaptive and actually serve to limit us.

  5. Jesus, I sound like such a little commie hippie motherfucker when I dig into this shit. It puts us down in countless ways, tearing into our appearance, performance, personality and aspirations.

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