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DIY CLEAR SKIN FACE MASK - How To Get Rid of Pimples + Acne Overnight At Home (100% Natural)

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Homemade night mask

With a cotton pad, apply this mixture to your face. Cover your pillow with a towel as the mixture might get on your sheets during the night. Why This Works Tomato is acidic and a natural astringent. Better still, blend the tomato along with raw milk and apply the paste to your face. It also helps in reviving the glow on dull skin and is an excellent remedy for sunburn. Raw Honey Tomato Method — Mash a tomato and add a tbsp of honey to it. Homemade night mask

Homemade night mask

Homemade night mask

Homemade night mask

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  1. Apply the egg white evenly to your face. Rinse off in the morning for healthy, glowing skin.

  2. Do you have other favourite homemade recipes for a quick pamper session? It will moisturise and repair your skin from damage done by the harmful rays of the Sun. Leave it on until it dries.

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