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Sci-Fi Television in the 1990s

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TV Guide Sexiest Sci-Fi Women - #13 Erica Durance

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Tv guide sexy sci fi stars

Immigrants and "natives," new technology and traditional beliefs, legends and pop culture all scrape against each other as a released prisoner ends up as bodyguard to Ian MacShane's Mr. Wednesday, a con artist who is not who he appears to be. Like all great sci-fi shows it had casting changes and a premature cancellation. In the show, Earth must defend its colonies against the marauding Chigs, aliens that have limited access to faster-than-light propulsion while Earthers make do with maps and timetables of known wormholes. When it first came to the U. The invaders from Mars switched to a distant planet Mor-Tax in this version didn't just die out, but went into stasis. The show's four seasons are big, beautiful, ridiculous, and, unless I'm forgetting something, the finest-ever collaboration between Canadian and German television producers. Tv guide sexy sci fi stars

Tv guide sexy sci fi stars

Tv guide sexy sci fi stars

Tv guide sexy sci fi stars

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