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When Should You Turn Brake Rotors?

   01.06.2018  2 Comments

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Brake Lathe -- Resurface Disc Rotors and Brake Drums with Ranger BendPak

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Who turns rotors

Auto Parts stores charge pre-defined flat rates for the service which are typically set in stone. If, however, you have warping, or rough spots they should be turned, or replaced if need be. How long do rotors last before replacement is necessary? In the ongoing debate over turning rotors versus getting new ones, any argument presented essentially comes down to balancing the weight assigned to safety and the weight given to cost. Simply go to your local auto parts store or online to purchase new rotors compatible with your vehicle. That depends on the condition of your brakes. There are a number of factors to consider before answering this question. When weighing your position on this topic, it is important to consider your personal resources and values. The minimum thickness is probably stamped into the side. Who turns rotors

Who turns rotors

Who turns rotors

Who turns rotors

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  1. There are 3 types of racing rotors. Turning brake rotors is a term that is used to describe machining, or lathing, brake rotors down to remove the excess brake material from your pads and to prevent warping and grinding, thus extending the life of your brake pads.

  2. Racing brake rotors definitely have a performance upgrade and can help you stop your car faster. If you have a pretty old car and this is the first time you are changing its brake rotors, a brake rotor puller may be necessary. Unless you are fortunate enough to have substantial machining equipment and a good caliper or micrometer at home, turning rotors requires fairly precise machining tools.

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