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Make Your Own Closet Shelf Dividers

   01.06.2018  1 Comments

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Making Shelf Dividers

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How to make your own shelf dividers

The wooden dividers install with the L brackets. These can be improvised from cube kits available for home storage. While there, purchase the wire brackets that fit snugly over the wire and have screws to attach into the wall or shelf. The organizers allow you to maximize the number of items you can fit in the closet, as well as helping to keep everything organized and neat. Clear some space on your vanity by hanging a makeshift shelf This colorful makeshift shelf takes up just enough space to stow some extra supplies. Ever feel like you're in a heavy downpour of clutter? Clean up your porch with an all purpose supply box Stow umbrellas, bike helmets, galoshes and more in this bright outdoor box. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Stow medications and toiletries in this suitcase cabinet Use an old suitcase or check your local thrift shop for a vintage briefcase to make this charming medicine cabinet. How to make your own shelf dividers

How to make your own shelf dividers

How to make your own shelf dividers

How to make your own shelf dividers

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